About the State of Idaho

The State of Idaho is both cosmopolitan and small-town friendly. Boise, the capital and largest city, developed near Fort Boise along the Oregon Trail and has grown to a population of 190,000. Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are Idaho's major industries. The State of Idaho is known for their picturesque scenery with abundant outdoor recreational opportunities and scenic vistas around every turn.

The State of Idaho provides quality, dynamic services to Idaho state agencies, businesses, and citizens by promoting effective and innovative professional practices through the use of innovative technology. The State of Idaho is also facilitating purchasing and cost savings through statewide contracts and streamlined processes. They are also effectively managing and protecting facility assets and controlling on-going building lease expenses, and offering competitive benefits to attract and retain excellent employees.

The State of Idaho has chosen to utilize Projectmates' completely web-based government construction management software platform to facilitate communication and transparency amongst internal departments and outside stakeholders.

Recently, the state was awarded with the 2016 AAMVA Innovative Use of Technology Award, and in 2012, won the awarded Center for Digital Government Achievement Award as well as the Digital Government Achievement Award in 2008.

About Projectmates

Projectmates is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online construction project management software available today, providing an easy-to-use, web-based interface for efficient management of your project from design through completion. Projectmates offers many key features, including a centralized document management system, bid management, integration with external financial software, contract manager, scheduling, construction app, and more. In addition, the software provides intuitive routing and tracking tools allowing project executives to focus on the project and not the paper.

Projectmates' role-based security ensures that users have appropriate rights to each module, as well as providing customized ball-in-courts and calendars for each user. Projectmates' software facilitates collaboration as well as accountability amongst the entire project delivery team and reduces the amount of rework and redundancy that occurs today. In fact, Projectmates is the only construction management software on the market today that offers push notifications to notify team members of their assigned tasks, no matter which device you are using. Because the solution utilizes native web browser technology on laptops, tablets and mobile devices, project members have access anytime & anywhere. Just as every project manager's objective is to deliver on time and under budget, Projectmates is the solution to get you there.

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